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Books written by Classmates...

North and South - the genealogy of the ancestors of Theodore (Ted) Charles Anderson and Sara Carlene Shuttleworth.

Ted represented the third generation of this line of Andersons in the United States. Andrew Eng Anderson is Ted's "Bestefar" (grandfather). Ted had two generations before and two generations after him. He had memory and knowledge about his Anderson clan and others going back over 100 years in this country and southern Norway.

The First Thanksgiving on Sara's side is documented back to the 1590's.

The Accidental Spy  - this thinly disguised “fiction” is an account of “a young electrical engineer” who found himself moving his family first to Brussels then to London to start up European operations of his Palo Alto based electronics firm. The story refreshes our recall of history during the Cold War and takes us on intimately described visits to Greece, India, South Korea and South America as Ted’s company expanded its operations wherever he, sorry, the “young electrical engineer” went. When asked about the spy part, Ted’s reply was, “Read the book!”. When you do, you get a sense of the constraints placed on its “operatives” by the CIA. Toward the end of his book, Sara and one of her curious sons pried open his briefcase to find out what was going on. Good girl Sara, maybe you can tell us in greater detail what Ted did to keep the Middle East calm and North Korea at bay during difficult times. The book takes us along with his adventures, but Ted never talked about them!

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